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Elementary Registration

Registration is now open for 3rd through 5th grades

Middle School Registration

Registration now open for middles school boys and girls.

The Registration "HOME" is not currently available.

Summer League Is HERE for 2021

3rd through 12th Grade Recreational League for June 2021

Sign up today and do not miss this great opportunity to have fun during the summer.


Location: Shilito Park :  


Dates: Every Monday In June

CKLA Mission Statement

The CKLA mission is to create a Positive Youth Lacrosse experience for Players, Parents, and Coaches through an enthusiastic, safe, and age-appropriate environment. Our goal is to Educate, Train, and Teach all Participants involved while using the game of Lacrosse as the platform to promote essential life skills.


For Keeps Lacrosse, Inc. was established in 2018 to provide FREE lacrosse equipment to underprivileged children.  Our mission is to encourage and expand participation in lacrosse by alleviating one of the leading cost-barriers to participation -- equipment.  Our mantra is simple:  Borrow our gear.  Play lacrosse for two complete seasons and it’s all yours -- FOR KEEPS.  This two-season proviso is designed to incentivize participation and foster player and family commitment to the sport.  Our belief is that players who stick with lacrosse through more than one season are far more likely to carry on with the sport long-term.

WHO QUALIFIES?:  Children from households involved in free or reduced school lunch programs, food stamps, governmental health care, governmental housing, and similar programs automatically qualify for our services.  Other financial circumstances are considered on a case-by-case basis.  For example, a family coping with the long-term illness or recent death of a primary breadwinner might qualify even though the children are not receiving governmental support.  We have provided equipment to a player whose family was recovering from a house fire, brothers whose mother was forced to go back to college late in life, and brothers whose family had financial/employment setbacks after moving to Kentucky, to name a few.   

Contact Logan Otto, For Keeps Lacrosse, Inc., at

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