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2021-2022 New Rules for Chest Pads for Men and Woman Lacrosse

All youth and middle school lacrosse players must wear NOCSAE certified lacrosse chest pads to play . If you do not have this type of chest pad you will not play

Do you have questions such as:

Why did US lacrosse  change therules for chest protection? 

Why do I need NOCSAE certified chest pads for my child?

What is NOCSAE certified chest pad?

How do I know if my chest pad is NOCSAE certified?

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Have Questions about what is a NOCSAE chest pad? Click here

Youth Lacrosse Equipment Suggestions

Our Organization can get discounts on CERTAIN items at

Use Discount code chip15 for 15% on SOME items . (Items not subjected to discounts  include Sale items, lacrosse balls, certain starter sets, lacrosse nets and goals)

Buying lacrosse equipment does not need to be complemented. Some suggestions of starter equipment will be discussed. There is also free lacrosse equipment available for families who can not afford equipment. Please refer to our home page for more details (Lacrosse for Keeps)


Higher end helmet and chest pad offering.
Buy these individually and the  try   discount code CHIP15 for 15% off total purchase 

  • Charger Gloves 
  • Charger Arm Pads 
  • Charger NOCSAE approved EKG Shoulder Pad - 
  • Helmet CPV-R 


A little higher end than Maverik   Better helmet pricing.

Buy these individually and then try  discount code CHIP15 for 15% off total purchase

  • Burn NXT Youth Brands 
  • Burn Nxt Glove
  • Burn Nxt Arm Pads
  • I would recommend different Brand Chest Pad such as
    • STX Stallion 200+ NOCSAE Shoulder Pad - For Beginners Or Advancing Youth Lacrosse Players Cost is about 60$
  • Burn Jr helmet

Lacrosse Sticks/Head recommendations for Beginner Youth 

(IMPORTANT) The WARRIOR WARP (brand and model) sticks tend to lend themselves to being some of the more expensive but remain the best choice as they come prestrung and are great for mastering the basics. If you splurge on anything, let this be it. 

The Evo Warp stick comes in a Warp Jr and the Warp Next (intermediate).  These are without question the best introductory sticks and will help teach the proper throwing and shooting form with little to no maintenance required. Some of the cheapest sticks have poor pocket formation and will discourage kids because they cannot catch or throw properly.

You would then have to get a sports store like Dick’s located next to the mall and Shilito park to place a new pocket which can cost 25-30$ extra. You might as well start off right (Especially if you are new to lacrosse)